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Yumi Yamauchi

1976 Born in Hyogo,JAPAN

2001 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Department of Fine Arts Printmaking Course

2003 Graduated from The Post Graduate Program in Kyoto Seika University Department of Fine Arts Printmaking Course


Solo Exhibition


2008 O Gallery UP・S (Tokyo)

2003 O Gallery eyes (Osaka /2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2013 2014 2017 2019 2023 )

2002  Art space NIJI (Kyoto /2005 2008)



Selected Group Exhibition


2023  Still life - still life does not tolerate silence(O Gallery eyes    Osaka)

2021  Beauty on the verge(O Gallery eyes    Osaka)

2017  Tourbillon Vol.0(O Gallery eyes    Osaka)

              The Garden of the Mind The Finale (Art space NIJI Kyoto)

2016 STUDIES / Lithograph (kara-S gallery Kyoto)

             Enigmatic behavior (O Gallery eyes Osaka)

2012 KICKS (O Gallery eyes   Osaka)

2011  Forest of imagination(KOUICHI FINE ARTS   Osaka)

2010  “GLOBAL VISION2010-2011” Louisiana State University 150th Anniversary (Louisiana State University    America)

2009  Light of day is mild spring(KOUICHI FINE ARTS    Osaka)

2007  Between the scene and the form 07(O Gallery eyes    Osaka)

     International Exchange Project Japanese Young Artists TRIAL in Painting (Incheon Modern Culture Center    Korea)

     After Math program No.2 four quarters of a scene(The Art complex Center of Tokyo    Tokyo)

2004  Tourbillon Vol.2 (O Gallery eyes    Osaka)





Written by  Yasuo Miwaki: leraflet for Solo Exhibition atOGallery eyes 2003 (text)

Written by  Hisako Hara:「art scape」Nov 15,2003 issue(review)

Written by  Takafumi Kobuki:「art scape」Jul 17,2007 issue(review)

Written by  Makoto Otagaki: catalog for「The new edge of art」 (text)

Written by  Chiho Sakai:「art scape」Mar 17,2008 issue(review)

Written by  Takeshi Hirata:「kalons Net」Sep 30,2010 issue(review)

Written by  Chiho Sakai:「art scape」Dec 15,2011 issue(review)

Written by Takeshi Hirata: leraflet for Solo Exhibition at OGallery eyes 2019 (text)


Public Collection


Machida city museum of graphic arts

Kyoto Seika University

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